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Hanns R. Teichert


Hanns R. Teichert

1901 - 1994








The Color Genius


Born into a long line of German craftsmen and coming of age in Chicago’s Roaring 20’s, Hanns Teichert knew how to live life to its fullest. 


He participated in the dawn of film making, creating sets for Paramount Studios and decorating mid-west American theatres for 50 years.  The genius of his theatre decorating is still being documented by the Theatre Historical Society of America today. 


In all, Mr. Teichert adorned over 4,000 venues in his career, including numerous theatres, churches, and  Al Capone’s nightclubs.


As an art connoisseur, he drew on his solid knowledge of the arts and accumulated a master collection of water colors, oils, frescos, sculptures, triptychs, religious icons, - works by Rembrandt, Diego Rivera, Old Masters.  His gathering of triptychs and icons became the largest collection assembled outside of Russia at that time.


Hanns embodied the spirit of art both as one who created and as one who collected on an international scale.  He appreciated the forbearance and recognized the beauty of color and texture and arrangement.  He was truly a Renaissance man for the ages, an inspiration, even today, to all who came to know him personally, and through his work.  His teachings and writings in art are emulated throughout the world, and he is renown as an educator as much as he is admired as a painter, an architect, a collector and a humanitarian. 


A prolific artist, Hanns created a secret formula of blending, bleeding, and transparency not possible in any other medium or technique. 


One of a kind, no prints are authorized and no one living can create another. 

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